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World War Swamp

by Swamp Thing

  • Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

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  • Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

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  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

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  • CD World War Swamp + Salty Gator + Cherry Mongoose + Horse Power
    Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    Includes unlimited streaming of World War Swamp via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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Out to rock the globe while it’s still here to rock. Swamp got the sauce till the music stops. Out to rock the globe while it’s still here to rock. Planet lookin’ grim show ‘em who the boss. Let it rain from the jugular vein. We've been to hell and back, that’s some rugged terrain. I came to tell you that ain’t no drug you can take. To replicate the effects when we’re up in the place. Hey. Lemonade from the lemons it gave. Undertow when the brainwaves enter the cave. Enter the stage with a powerful impact. Big bad wolf to devour your tin shack. (Swamp dogs) Black cloud with a silver line. Blazin’ on that agent orange and we killin' time. Last days to gaze when the sun drops. Ends with a bang and a dot dot dot. Out to rock the globe while it’s still here to rock. Swamp got the sauce till the music stops. Out to rock the globe while it’s still here to rock. Planet lookin’ grim show ‘em who the boss. badlands champions pull the pin on hand grenade and begin Off road ranch undiscovered country On my Humpty hump coming for you numpty New world order The borders we now control is hard to move through sorta Redraw the maps you in the kingdom of murk Its utopian but posers get the rodeo burns Dragged behind the horserule from my studio chair watch me manhandle microphones like Rudy Gobert Swamp nasty we do the deed you just a patsy Dont pass me that weak shit hot stuff Tabascy sky dark and the streets musty touch my toes though out each country raw ruble looking extra thick my fam make it look effortless brush up with the Colgate got a gold plate the size of ya whole face on fire let the coal blaze Sub zero got a cold gaze no roosters no chickens howl I eat his liver up with some zimfandale Refery throwing in the towl We on a mission now earths end tripping out
Let it rock and roll Swamp warriors let the falcon close Lobster with the vodka smoke My brain all foggy then it’s audios Off on another plan The ganja all green like a Celtics fan Fuck with a mountain man Slap you in the face with the talcum hand Drinking on the wild Turk find gold in a pile of dirt Told you this is high alert I rise in the sky with the iron shirt Welcome to the world premiere. Step into the realm it’s the house of mirrors. Walk in with the Belvederes. Warriors lined up in full war gear. Till I’m belly up y’all can’t tell me what. Buzzin’ off the bubbles in the sippy cup. Uppercut the whole roof off a punch buggy. Droppin' gems pick up what you want from me. Electric chair tellin' 'em just do it. Feels like I'm sittin' on chrome, Chris Hewett. Big Belvo jockey with the elbows. Not to be the next for whom the bell tolls. Brass monkeys tearin' down your jungle gym. Sluggin’ fuckin’ vodka by the jug again. Lemme in livin' so dystopian. Till the world premier grand reopening. _Every man lives swamp Never truly die the dude abides step up and get euthanized my crew supersized yo tell me who surprised When we rise up out the murk with some goonie eyes We big apes wearing that chain mail 41 ton punch hit like a Grey wale Ride the beat Like a horse clopping Make you take your medicine straight no Mary Poppins So come and get lost in the fun house kung pow chicken put some liquor in your dumb mouth the plots thickened up heating like a brazen bull we take control won’t stop till we Payed in full A lotus only grows in the mud. The colder the wind blows the colder the blood. A Ghost orchid deep in the swamp. We carry on keepin' it calm. Coming swampy out the merky depths Face slapped looking perplexed Lurch running with the gurked neck My wig on fire that’s on purpose Ahhh ahhh let the lasagna steam My dogs run the relay like the Ghana team Rise up like a muddy beast Or get wrapped up like some mummy sheet lamped up how I maintain Big Great Dane that’s a game change Ganja in my face and I’m long gone The butterfly’s is back bong bong Horse chest looking gorgeous you been forwarded any curious George gets Lost in the murky mist Ghost orchid Bloom and the scripture reads like post mortem Charles Darwin drums with distortion Corbin Dallas wardrobe hop aboard starships Drop into orbit rock opulent portraits Paint a pretty picture stick figures in the forest its halloween trick or treat Bitter sweet symphony you can call me Mister T Authentic Sav beats clap like a Desert Eag The recipe a mystery the secret rest in peace Fuck a world tour this is world war. Born where the mornin’ dew forms from chloroform. No decorum for the posers on a bogus journey. I keep it grimy to remind me what the lotus learned me. So step right and get mangled. Y’all been squares so long you rectangled. Newfangled ways to get strangled. Handled by ankles Van Winkle dangled. Banished to the land of wind and ghosts. You ain’t fly Icarus your wings’ll roast. Slow, no rest for the wicked. Out in the marsh mellowed with the orchids.
This is world war swamp. I am a ball of flames. I don’t love the game, no ball and chain. Check your history, not the hall of fame. When were done thirtyone be a holiday. Puff pass on a dusty Backwoods. Boom hit the room like some mustard gas would. Hooray for doomsday I do say. Croon smoothly like Goulet or Bubblé. It’s the turbo team. Tilted to the hilt talkin’ Kurt Cobain. Murk don’t bleed we don’t suffer fools. No rules in the swamp and it fuckin’ rules In the mud with the trench foot Big stink lines how the stench look Out in ecoke eating mezgouf Swamp gang hit em with a left hook Big tanks like we no lim I got the gold chin flow like the cold wind Y’all smoking roach trim I’m out in Oakland smoking on some dope mints Sound freak that’s the war craft Clappin down on the forecast Can’t tell where the crew ends Big sav on the ave be a luten Its like the worlds on fire Guards in watchtowers like birds on wire Let it burn got a lighter its our turn we the diamonds in the Rough survivors of the ruthless homicidal one percent landing choppers on helipads whoever left stay in line Like its Giliad Swamp warlords jumping out of four door Retrofitted MPV’s to take our just rewards Neighbourhood look like Mordor ‘ run to the store?’ hope your parkour is hardcore ___we Carried in on thrones into thunder domes gladiators rumble below
Storms comin’. Winds Hummin’. jump up and get tossed in the Sandstorm the sandman dropping Knives on the dance floor Sing a sad song from a dusty lung Nothing left from the maelstrom better just run Blow your house down like its made of cardboard Throw a car through your front doorFor an encore this our war sav drops the 80 8 better lay low thats no tornado Wait drop the payload toss winnebagos Lost in a daze no where over the rainbow black clouds Raining fire and ash come and dance with Man in the iron gas mask Let the Howell of the wind bake I dance with the apes how the plants taste Razor to the chest that’s a man scape I punch off your head that’s a damn grape Jump on stage and catch a damn fade The car peel off like a bandaid Ready for the storm while the band plays Pop banana clips in a lamp shade Ya let the thunder hit My team all around me and you under it Swamp Les and Burg that’s the main call I Sit back high watch the rainfall Spun out when the crew's in the right zone. Tropical cyclones rockin’ the mic phone. Mother Earth with a natural advantage. Disasters even Jimmy Hart couldn’t manage. Got your back, best watch your storm front. Flyin’ debris put a tree through a storefront. Torch blunts off the smoking hills. While meteors rain down on open fields. No time to let the dust settle. Wild wind blows with a gust that’ll rust metal. Mudslide we bringin’ the house down. Final Countdown in surround sound. You won’t play a lot seasons if you can’t see a storm coming Trust me, I know that smell like corn muffins Sure cousin, it doesn’t take a wizard To know the dessert has never seen a blizzard It’s a Long haul Roald Dahl ditch the Pall Malls Not trying to get y’all all caught in the wrong Squall Drop the Golf Balls tomorrow you’ll know When you see a storm hotter than Ororo Munroe I’m an Oriole bro on the road where the warriors go The squad already know how the story’ll flow You got the wrong ozone if you catch my Undertone My other home is a Thunderdome You can think you're ready but you're not. You're getting blasted! Onslaught of weather coming atcha! I'd say "drastic" is a polite term. Think it's Fugazi? Yo, that shit right there's the reason why the climate changed. Not so strange, when the wind can smash your grange and the temp is outta range! Lotsa rains, hail, snow and earthquakes. These herbs hate an Earth Day. Hope the science is wrong in the worst way! Doomed jerks, wishing they listened to Greta Thunberg sooner than later. But "later’s” now! End is Nigh Bill, the Science Guy will explain the impact of your actions with charts. The radar says you're smart for hiding out underground. Don't you hear that thunder sound?!
Paul DeFrancesco, Tim Wallace, Justin Lepine, Ward Pitfield, Darren Pyper
Wild right hook like the Candyman. Chop ‘em up move ‘em all around like a anagram. Wild right hook like the Candyman. Old Shaky found footage from a handicam. Block to the midsection The squad suited up with the Big weapon Let one off and the the kids steppin’ Face muppet down like I’m Jim Henson I let the ruckus blow Big beefy beard like a Buffalo 2020 where the fuck it go borrowed time got a line and it’s cutting close Dance on razors Lamp with the fam that is all my flavour Silly the flow Eyes bug out my face like I’m Willie Defoe woah Momma said knock em out Pine box em no Naloxone coffin shroud calm em down poppas here bout to milk the cow Built to prowl dark streets of the filthy town Commanding random body parts My team keep it unclean like a water park Peep the conquest Napoli Bonaparte Im a start a revolution lost Ark to modern art Style switch up wild the way we flip a script Cause and epileptic fit like watching Blair Witch Pandemonium, when you let the homies in Face looking strange like you dosed with Polonium North poltergeist, Choke told you twice. Roll the dice keep it lit on the overnight. We’re on the brink of the big bang. Underground fossils that we polished in think tanks. Big thanks to the haters and the losers. Used to wake up with the snakes all on my face like I’m Medusa. Out in the sewer find me searching for the son of septic. On another plane body layin' in the wreckage. That’s me in the corner Blair warlock. Summersault through a window if the doors locked. Or not, don’t knock the hustle. Bound to Catch your death off the top turnbuckle. Frog splash.
This is that Captain Kirk. First generation classic work. Afterwards we get to capture worlds. Captivate while you clutch your pearls. A million lost souls in the cosmos. Corpses in orbit avoided like potholes. So peace to the Janes and John Does. Who stepped in our lane when the ranch was off road. We lost soldiers I toss boulders. Gorn Cap slapping that dirt off your shoulders. Subtle flex for y'all chicken little heads. Sky finally fell time to resurrect. Classics every critic say so. Game show hosts Space Ghost to Grace Jones. So check the payload next case closed. Oh my god he on XGames mode. You can call me the admiral my hammer low attitude Supernatural Bout to go supernova The polar too hot The carnage not over my away team beam down East coast underwater say goodbye to Bean Town In the cypher with the Fleshy headed mutant Swamp dogs 3 of the best to ever do it Pack the space whip Scavenging for basics 9 out of ten freaks choose it In a taste test savage bars from the rabid rap avatar your epitaph he got zapped like Tasha Yar Uh let the rocket blast Birds eye view of the rocks and ash Im in a swampy class My games home grown you just a copy cat Y’all smoking boof packs Billboard in the sky with a swoosh check Big loaded gauge you a dufus Bullets to the nuts like you Tupac Ya show that green chest Little man running round with a mean flex Starship looking plutone Cause mars be our new home
Who’s the king of the kingdom animal. Hook ‘em horns bring that raging bull. Crown of thorns humans all gone to dust. Piranha iguana llama and hippopotamus. Big lion with the thick claw One step that’s a pitfall Hyena with the bleeding knees Large monkey hit em with a ddt Long goose neck show em respect Tiger on the set slapping insects The wilds gone wild y’all should film this my face early morning Regis Philbin Uh yah Let the shark eat Let him paint a painting he an artteest Jump on your back like a goril No bats in the jungle this is home field upper cut form a Buffalo he Looking swoll up like BOBO from the muppet show Ravens and magpies try to rock the casbah sound like bagpipes getting swat by the Jaguar Ice caps melted Polar bears charging out the woodworks god help us! Mean kamodo dragon with protozoic baggage The combat is so savage they going for the status Time to prove who’s the King of the hill They using Hoofs horns antlers and porcupine quills Don’t want to swim venomous fish with genetic mutations that should never exist 3,000 pounds of force in a zebra kick. Anaconda tryna squeeze the neck with the lethal grip. Eat a dikdik, tiny antelope. Chimp’ll open up your coconut like a cantaloupe. Crush like a can of Coke and it goes like. Clash with the dire wolf flash your whole life. Before your eyes nails like Bowie knives. Grizzly chokin’ out a bison while he slowly dies. No more zoos or rodeos. Empires fell and the beasts awoke and rose. And so goes the battle for third rock. Poppin’ off while the scavenger birds watch. its aNew standard Animals on the loose killin' Anything that fuckin' moves Who's the new villain? Survival of the fittest Evolution of the Bruce Banners."So who's this new champion?!?" the New standard? Fuck it Last man standin' How long's it been Since they vanished like *POOF* Disappeared into a thick fog Broken down to bone marrow Thick sauce Meat dripping off the bone It gets hot Dick sauce Existence it gets hard. Wiped off the face of the planet like lip gloss Fuck it Due penance Suckers can kick rocks
Smoke smoke smoke. Off on a cloud smoking on stuffing I’m puffin it down Love for no grabba got Love for my town Open up packs and we ready to lounge Stepping on stage and we bucking the crowd Up all night with the bean cake Tim dog with a mean steak I slap face how the cheese taste Lemon lime with the clean grape Shout out to Batman and robbin Smell me down the block like goggins Running this shit no stopping It’s Swamp gang till the coffin Step up get ya meat pressed Speakers blown that’s the heat test White ash that’s neat flex The sun shine off the beast chest We are for the kids like wu. Way up with the bird’s eye view. Sabretooth catch the vapour. Smoke like Slater, check you later. Microphone killer in the mist. Blaze while Timbuk fiddle with the mix. Pitch perfect swing and then you miss. Pitchin’ on a blunt then swim in the abyss. So many clouds I’m in heaven. Leave me alone like I’m Kevin. McAllister emcee caliber. Supersonic song pick your Gallagher. Never been below the pinnacle. Floatin’ into the indigo. And when I go bye bye high five. Think of me better in hindsight. Im rocking the boat coming out of the smoke Lock and then load I’m apocalypse jones scope with binoculars out on patrol One with mist Running with the mutherfuckers from the abyss Swamp gang hit em with the thunderous fist Follow the smoke try Blunt and a blintz T I M B U K show u at your crib with a funeral bouquet go boom like a nuke in suitcase my troops boots all laced for the doomsday Parade like day of the dead Sashay through the vapour rising the level to the reds Running with a price on your head wake up in the night Poltergeist in your bed none of the pros and all of the cons whole fucking life is a trauma response nothing to do with the drama you on my brothers a basehead my godfather don right hand man is a nightstand plant purple and green like uncut gems locking it up in the trunk of the whip amethyst fingers clutching your chest fist fulla fire for the neer do wells put it in the air like some hair do gel coughin fits man i'm off in the mist who’s talking that shit oh yeah do tell let's be real like cypress hill you could buy the sprays and try the pills shit press it in your cider still the smoke is where you'll find me, gimme that
Neoprene 03:40 video
Shipwrecks in effect. Big flex and respect. Gortex on the scene. Cover up the body in some neoprene. Shipwrecks in Effect. Big flex and respect. Gortex on the scene. Cerebral cortex got the gills on steam. Ocean burnt and it’s neon green Shark mouth like a guillotine Weird fish and he dancing mean Scuba suit underwater in the Philippines murky and the feelings raw Crabs pull you down you gotta peel they claw Squids got some teeth about to feel they jaw 20 thousands leagues or the deal is off I’m not no porpoise , Swim to the bar stomped by horses Red green coloured orcas No tanks just 20 foot snorkel its time for Tim the Leviathan Swim with the Tiger fin fly when the tide is in A Deep dive is quit intense Thats why Popping iodine like its vitamins Oil drum with the radiation hazard Crack open the hull release 88 cadavers The madness of an alligator shark type collaboration With a mana ray need a bad operation squid with mad tentacles gonad genitals whole hemisphere swoll up from the chemicals Mutated crustaceans leave you butt naked while I’m wrapped in neoprene this other suckers can’t fake it Burn after reading swim after eating. Bon appetite’in’ and we leapin’ off the deep end. Goose suited and booted they knew the crew could do it. With cool equipment and flippers for movin’ through the fluid. Electric eel the way I zap noodles. Got the feeling if I filmed this I’d be Zapruder. I’m that duder on multiple timelines. Big Captain Hook still spittin’ these high lines. Mean muggin' like a anglerfish. On some anger shit lookin' cantankerous. Atlantis is stripped for parts. Sitting on cinder blocks as the click departs. Peace.
Jump up and get scorched. Mayhem outside your front door. Jump up and get scorched. No heart so they’re coming for yours. All your intel artificial. No heart whole steez from discarded tissue. It ain’t all good I can per tend Hit every single nerve end with a terp pen. New machines make you cheesecake. Same tech to enforce a police state. Keep pace with the pack then I veer off. Clear shot to the dome, Smirnoff. Im in the Alien workshop Avian drones invading you suburb blocks perverts murdered by they own sex doll The technol getting HAM go to Defcon Uh watch the banana slice Automatic with the magic knife intruders gone as advertised I woke up and it’s clapping 9s JUMP UP AND GET SCORCHED Stephen Hawking’s voice Rip your arm out the socket we Chewbacca boys weapons lock on you toxic toys Big rockets man im talking Sigmund Froid Droids flexing deltoids Ex machina premium alloys Fuck around and upload my conciseness To the mainframe where the coldest monsters is live Fuck a steel dawn word to Swayze. Big double edge sword on the daily. Clap automaton droids on parade. Sarah Connor on roids in a rage. Robotic rickshaw Electric dog with the clinch jaw Big balled head with the gift shop some how spun that into lift off Long metal man play the guitar sun hit my back that a big star 80k that’s a bit far convo getting heated with a kit car JUMP UP AND GET SCORCHED
Forget what you thought tryna clash irrational. Swamp gods international. Unmatchable. Return of the Firedogs burn the capital. This is coronation swamp gods from the basement bringing innovation like Tyrell corporation Bonafide moguls every October the Plots to go global emboss the gold logo Pop flames we option your block chain Swamp gang monopoly props is Insane dark days mobs slaughtered in arcades We Still reign like gods or Arch Ange Wingspan big bad grab yourself a sick bag Cause the G force is enormous crack your nest eggs Arrest your heart rate zap like an x ray take two a these and Crash the nasdaq the Next day They say the future doesn’t bode well. Oh well guess hell’s in for a cold spell. Freezin’ over while I’m sippin’ on a soda. Ownin’ every kind of classic car triples of the Nova. Hold up Swamp is on the loose. With the knowledge so profuse gotcha honkin’ like a goose. Deuce deuce, that’s a catch 22. People sayin’ Mannie Fresh no cash money crew. At home we're internationally known. Got the dolls Russian at me like Natasha Lyonne. Bad to the bone and I’m back in the zone. Where me and Sav catch a glow off that naturally grown. Forget what you thought tryna clash irrational Unmatchable Return of the firedogs burn the capital In the sky let me fist fight Swamp gods walk on thin Ice Around the world you can hear the call Money stacked up on the rear wall Time spent well to push the product out This dope hand made like a Parada belt Loe on my back got me nodding out The hash in the jar hit like Pacquiao Super tall like I’m big country You don’t get the flowers being this ugly Ya business all laughable We swamp gods international we all know who’s the chosen in this bitch showin up to the show super soaker fulla piss coat fulla chips front row fulla chicks next thing you know she tryna get her throat fulla c’mon poutine you know the routine the kid’s are masterful swinging through ya neck of the woods or international donkey kong junior anaconda on ya missy drop lasagna on ya mama tossin donda as a frisbee we the truth you can put that on a stack of bibles fatherless flows you could say the styles patricidal slap ya idols with some rappin’ that could clap a rhino faster than the flash on crack dashin’ past ya eyeballs


Toronto's three-headed rap monster, Swamp Thing (Timbuktu, Chokeules, & Savilion), have a ritual of delivering dark, b-movie inspired, heavy duty thunderclaps every Halloween. Their newest release titled World War Swamp, marks the tenth consecutive year of an October 31st LP release.
World War Swamp is the followup to last year’s offering, Salty Gator, and much like its predecessor, it slaps enormously. The milestone record was produced by Savilion and was recorded at an isolated cabin in northern Ontario, where the murky trio used their collective sense of impending doom, to guide the project’s direction.
World War Swamp is the culmination of a decade’s worth of Swamp Thing. The record features turntablilist DJ iRATE, along with an all star lineup of guest collaborators, including Bazooka Joe, Ghettosocks, More Or Les, Psybo, and Wordburglar.


released October 29, 2021

This project is funded in part by FACTOR, the Government of Canada and Canada’s private radio broadcasters.

01 HERE TO ROCK (P. DeFrancesco, T. Wallace, J. Lepine, W. Pitfield)
02 FULL WAR GEAR (P. DeFrancesco, T. Wallace, J. Lepine, W. Pitfield)
03 GHOST ORCHID (P. DeFrancesco, T. Wallace, J. Lepine, W. Pitfield)
04 WORLD WAR SWAMP (P. DeFrancesco, T. Wallace, J. Lepine, W. Pitfield)
05 STORMS (ft. Wordburglar & More Or Les) (P. DeFrancesco, T. Wallace, J. Lepine, S. Jordan, L. Seaforth, W. Pitfield)
06 OUT THE GATES (ft. Ghettosocks) (P. DeFrancesco, T. Wallace, J. Lepine, D. Pyper, W. Pitfield)
07 WILD RIGHT HOOK (P. DeFrancesco, T. Wallace, J. Lepine, W. Pitfield)
08 CLASSIC WORK (P. DeFrancesco, T. Wallace, J. Lepine, W. Pitfield)
09 KING ANIMAL (ft. Psybo) (P. DeFrancesco, T. Wallace, J. Lepine, T. Organ, W. Pitfield)
10 SMOKESCREEN (ft. Bazooka Joe 204) (P. DeFrancesco, T. Wallace, J. Lepine, J. Compayre, W. Pitfield)
11 NEOPRENE (P. DeFrancesco, T. Wallace, J. Lepine, W. Pitfield)
12 GET SCORCHED (P. DeFrancesco, T. Wallace, J. Lepine, W. Pitfield)
13 SWAMP GODS INTL (ft. Ghettosocks) (P. DeFrancesco, T. Wallace, J. Lepine, D. Pyper, W. Pitfield)

All songs produced and arranged by Savilion. All songs mixed by Timbuktu & Savilion. All songs written and performed by Swamp Thing (Timbuktu, Chokeules & Savilion) (SOCAN), except where others are featured. Recorded at The Cabin in Muskoka and FUN, Toronto. All cuts by DJiRATE. Album design and layout by Ghettosocks. Mastered by DJ Dorc for Banging Masters. (C) 2021 SOCAN

Big ups Backburner Crew, Urbnet, Droppin Science Productions, Hand'Solo Records, and everyone who helped make this album possible. Ghettosocks, Wordburglar, More Or Les, DJiRATE, Bazooka Joe 204, Dorc, Darryl Rodway, our families and friends.

Big love to everyone who enjoys & supports our music, thanks!

Follow us on Twitter: @swampthingraps @timbukturaps, @chokeules, @savilionbeats


all rights reserved



Swamp Thing Toronto, Ontario

Toronto's three-headed rap monster, Swamp Thing (Timbuktu, Chokeules, & Savilion), have a ritual of delivering dark, b-movie inspired, heavy duty thunderclaps every Halloween.

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